This being my first post I want to introduce my crazy wonderful beautiful life. In a few days I will have been married for three years. In December we had our first baby. Right now, who knows how many we will have, I will be satisfied either way, whether we have a house full of babies or if we focus on just one child. Just recently I have started selling Mary Kay and clipping coupons. My dream is to (as I've heard it phrased) be a work at home mom. I love being a mom, and I enjoy selling Mary Kay. I'll have to admit, I'm not a fan of cleaning house. But, I like living in a clean house, so, I guess if I didn't have to have a conventional job, I would love to keep my house perfect. I'll see it as a shifting of responsibilities (not a big deal).

To add to the list of inhabitants of our house, we also have two cats (Sugar and Oreo) and a dog(Cocoa). Please excuse our seemingly obsession with food, its really not our fault. The previous adopters of the cats named them before giving them to us. And you can't have Sugar, Oreo, and Fred. It just sounds funny. Thus about half of our family sounds like they belong to a grocery store.

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