Wow, . . I don't think its that bad.

So, I was just aimlessly surfing the internet, and found a couple of blogs/articles talking about how bad Mary Kay is. Well I am one of the bottom of the pyramid sales consultants and I don't think that the Mary Kay business is so bad. I'm not doing very well, however I just started in March, but the point is that I am not basing my opinion on my success. I am still fully confident that I can do enough to become a stay at home mom.

I don't feel that my director is pressuring me too much. I know that I have to work at my own pace for my own goals. I love that my director gives me challenges. Sometimes I can meet them and sometimes I can't. And that is fine with me. I have never worked with anyone so encouraging. My director, she is so sweet. Mary Kay in a way nurtures the inner feminist in me. I believe that we as people are going to want to try harder at things that we are encouraged about. I hate that all of my past managers have only acknowledged my presents when there was an issue, and I can always bet that they will be breathing down my neck when I make a mistake.

As a consultant I want my customers to know that I'm not trying to tell them that they need make-up to make them beautiful. I believe that all women are naturally beautiful. But there is a difference and the world looking at you, and you looking in the mirror at yourself. I want women to take care of themselves and see what a difference washing your face correctly does and to appreciate how they look. With every party I have I try to reinforce that what is most important is that you see yourself as being beautiful (in a not so arrogant kind of way).

So for all of the Mary Kay haters, I am sorry. I appreciate your opinion, but I don't agree. Furthermore, I'm sorry that you are trapping yourself in some box because of your one way road kind of thinking. Just because you get irritated with consultants who can't see their target market, doesn't mean that you need to be so cynical about every facet of the industry.

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