The Other Side Of The Next Leaf

First, while its on my mind, when did our roommate forget how to put down the toilet seat? Secondly, Why have I not been utilizing this adventure? Seriously, my blog title is The Mum Life. Why am I not writing about my life. Right now I am making the decision to think that my life might be somehow entertaining, well maybe just a little entertaining, I don't want to get ahead of myself. And for anyone who knows me that is a pretty big step. Normally, I am very cautious to not portray any sense of confidence, but I'm overcoming it, starting. . . Now.

Yesterday me and Becky took our first walk post Meghan. It was nice, I think we were just getting used to it again. Next time we will use our available time to vent. Don't laugh. It is very therapeutic, haha. The past couple of days at home have been great. I think I'm learning how to exist with a two year old. I simply need to remember that Michael likes to be spoken to like a person too, not a dog. Positive reenforcement is a much better way to get things done with a toddler than merely trying to discipline them. Instead of getting upset every time he tries to play with the DVDs, I just have to nicely, more like excitedly tell him that he has to put them back. As long as I through my arms in the air while saying "yay" he cooperates much better. I can't wait until we clean the dining room and finish child proofing the kitchen so he can just run around downstairs, apposed to being trapped in the living room and foyer like its his over sized play pen. Question: how does one discourage a toddler from screaming like a banshee? We have ignored him, and we have attempted punishing him. We know he just wants attention, or he wants his way, by the way, we don't give him his way when he tantrums, period. But, anyhow, in the way of correction of this behavior we are clueless. Maybe he will grow out of it sooner rather than later. And as for our neighbors, I am very sorry. We usually have a well behaved child, however, I'm sure you have heard his ear piercing shrieks, I promise, we are not killing him.

Okay, now that I have turned over the next leaf, I am going to bed. Maybe four hours of sleep will allow me to wake up feeling better than after nine hours. I'm really happy that Josh hasn't come home to find me still up, and very sad that I'm not going to know that we spent whats left of last nights sleep time with him, well at least until I wake up. My husband works so hard, I am so proud of and thankful for him. Sorry, I digress, goodnight. . . Finally.

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