Spray Ground

Today, me and the babies got to get out of the house today to do something fun. No, we didn't run errands. No, there were no doctor's appointments. We went to Spray ground with a very good friend and her boys. I'm not 100% sure if that is the actually name of the park, but it is a sort of water park in the Rivermont area. For those of you who are local, and who are not familiar with the park, it is a big cement slab with a bunch of different fountains. Water seriously is flowing, spraying from all different directions. Michael had no hesitations, he was running through the water, just like a big boy. He is growing up so fast. Time really is fleeting. I guess tomorrow we will sending him off to college, or something like that. And Meghan, she was content sitting about eight inches away from one of the fountains, close enough for water to fall on her house, and far enough away for the wagter to not spraying in her face. She didn't even mind it when a four year old girl came up to try ot play with her. in order to ease the mind of the cautious mom lingering over the girl I asked the her to try to teach Meghan how to play patty cake. It didn't work. The mom was still freaking out. But I understand, I suppose. I guess I tend to be more of a "in my babies face" kind of mom whenever they are interacting with other children. I guess you can never tell how every parent is going to react to accidents or another child's poor behavior. Anyhow, the babies loved it, and I admit it, so did I. So what I wasn't prepared at all to get wet. I haven't shaved my legs in quite a while, and I was wearing my super comfy maxi dress. But next time we go I will know what to expect. Maybe next time I can convince Josh to take a day off, so we can all go together. And since it is open until October we will even have a little time without the older kids and the baby babies can just crawl where ever they want.

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