What I heard God say

I find it remarkable what one will hear from God once they open themselves up to Him again. For way too long have I kept my heart locked away in the nasty trap of myself, and its about time for me to relinquish myself to God again. Anyhow, today while at work listening to my mp3 player, I was metaphorically hit by an old realization. Jesus didn't simply suffer and die for us to one day be with Him. He SUFFERED and DIED. This is big, see, He died for all of us sinners and all of our sins. He was the spotless sacrificial lamb that washes away our sins when we accept him as Savior. My point is that he was sinless(absolutely so). But while on that cross he felt ALL of our shame, and All of our guilt. It was like he had committed every bad, ugly, dirty act that has, can or will be done. Could you imagine having never, ever sinned in your entire life, and than be hit like be an eighteen wheeler with all of that emotional pain. Wow. Imagine the worst crime you could think of, lets just pick rape for an instance. When Jesus was dying to Save us, He was feeling the pain, guilt, and shame of a rapist. Can you believe that our Lord would willingly take on that kind of suffering, not just for everyone, but the individual people that make up everyone. He did that for me and for you. But He did, because He LOVES us.

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