So. . . Yeah, its been a while. . . Again. But apparently life is crazy with a two year old, who is absolutely crazy, and a six month old. Meh, who knew. If I had a hat I would be tipping it to all of the mommies who take/have taken care of more than one baby at a time, and of course special needs babies. Who cares who old the children get, they will always be our babies.

Let me just take a minute to rant about the preciousness of my Michael. Recently, he has been bringing me my shoes to help me put them on while I'm standing. He makes me feel like a princess every time. And just today he was about to give our neighbor what he called a tree. It was actually just a branch that had been cut down that he drug to through over the fence because he misunderstood daddy in where he was supposed to put it. In cases like this it is so easy to get wrapped up in how cute my baby is and to simply misinterpret what is really going on in his little baby brain. I know that he just misunderstood, and I'm not so sure that I would have been able to effectively point him in the right direction, if I were out beside him in the yard. I probably would have said, "awww, it is so sweet that you want to share the 'tree', but it stays over here in our yard." But what I should have said, "hmmm, I guess it did seem like I wanted you to put it over here, but it goes in this pile with all the other 'trees'." Maybe, we(parents) see it as being easier to think of our children's minds at least as innocent. I don't think there questioning or misunderstanding portrays our failure, even though that is what we are subconsciously fearing.

Anyhow, recently I found a what I thought to be good sale and coupon match up for Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner. I tested it the other day. I tested it on an old claw foot tub that is used almost daily by two men, two babies, and myself. And I loved it. I loved that I could hear the spray foaming on all of the what I was hoping to be invisible bacteria and nastiness in the floor of my tub. And I didn't have to scrub. I wiped it up, with a little force, but nothing like what I had to use with the Comet.

And now that I'm in the spirit of sharing secrets that make my life easier, I have another one that makes dinner easier. Well, as long as potatoes are one of the side dishes. Instead of taking the time to cut potatoes to roast them, I microwave them. Just fix the potatoes like you were fixing them like baked potatoes with plastic wrap in the microwave them, when they are done cut them and season them.

This weekend, we had a great Easter. Josh and I are deciding to not make our children think that you are supposed to receive baskets and toys and candy on easter. So we didn't get them any, we left it to the discretion of the grandparents, who definitely took advantage of it. Anyhow, we went to Charlottesville after an amazing service on how our God can move stones. I was able to cook dinner for Josh's family, and gluten free cookies for his grandmother(Gram). This is the point of my story, sorry for the babble leading up to it. However, Gram is allergic to gluten and has had a very strict diet for as long as me and Josh have been together at least, but probably longer. A while ago we bought a box of the 365 Everyday Value brand that is carried I believe exclusively by Whole Foods, and I was finally able to make the cookies. I'm assuming that it has been a long time since she had cookies but she wolfed one down like it was nothing. Apparently she really liked them. Surprisingly, she wasn't the only one who did. Both Josh and his mom, who are pretty picky eaters, maybe just by my standards(just in case Lori reads this), tried them and liked them. So, way to go 365 EV. Gram can now have chocolate chip cookies again. Don't get me wrong, I don't have any complaints about the mix, hands down they were amazing, they didn't taste like they were any different from regular cookies. However, I will give you some advice, the instructions say to roll the dough into balls, but mine didn't roll at all, the dough seemed a little too saturated. Nonetheless, I put my moist mounds of dough on the greased cookie sheets and they turned out great. Perhaps they weren't the most attractive cookies, but you know what they are all going to the same place anyhow. Nothing is perfect, so why should I expect a batch of cookies to look it. On a side note, I always admire how grateful people can be over the simplest things sometimes. Gram was so excited and thankful when we handed her the bag full of gluten free chocolate chip cookies to take back home with her, almost like a child. It was just cool to see. I hope I can always remember to be thankful so innocently and enthusiastically, always, without being perceived as being annoying.

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