Good Boo Boos

For Michael's first Easter he was gifted a very good version of the Easter Story book. I mean this is a great book. Michael loves this book. It has been in heavy rotation lately. Whenever we sit down to read he is sure to grab this book. He may not be able to pronounce Jesus well, but I love that he still tries and can identify him. Anyhow, of course the book shows Jesus in the locked room with the disciples with open arms. On His hands the illustrator put little red dots. Michael will turn to that page and as soon as he gets my attention he will show me Jesus's boo boos, and proceed to kiss them in the book. This is important. I was not raised as a Christian, and I don't recall ever being told about Jesus and salvation. But I do remember my grandmother having a big picture of Him hanging on her bedroom wall. I also remember as a young child waking up to a (in my child mind) nightmare. I was dreaming about Jesus dying on the cross. In my dream I knew he was in a lot of pain. But I didn't understand it. I woke up crying, and telling my mom that I wanted Him to come back. My mom simply tried to comfort me, told me that He died a very long time ago, and that He couldn't. She still didn't tell me why He had to die. I'm not sure that she knew how to explain it to such a young child. I don't blame her though. I was probably very dramatic, and she probably just wanted to go back to sleep herself. Nonetheless, I don't want to make the same mistake. Michael is still very young, nearly three. So, for now I just keep trying to tell him that they are good boo boos. Soon, I know he will ask me why Jesus's boo boos are good and his are bad(less bad, and more unfortunate). Then I will be able to tell him the story behind the boo boos, and I can't wait. I feel so blessed to be able to have this kind of opportunity and responsibility, to have to be able to explain at least a little bit about our Lord so simply that a child can understand. . . eventually.

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For His Glory said...

Amen! Praise God that when Michael asks you can tell him indeed that Jesus DID come back from the dead, and He's coming again! What a joyful task we have of showing our children the Gospel in our lives, and their need for a savior everyday! Love you!

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