Come On Craigslist. . . Your Lettin' Me Down

I'm kind of bummed. On Thursday of last week, I believe, I found a post on Craigslist by someone looking for help with a nonprofit organization that they are trying to start. There was a lot of detail, so it looked legit. Basically, this anonymous poster was looking for free help to set up their basement and other things to provide food, clothing and baby items to families in need. I read this and I was like, "this is wonderful." Of course I was sold, right off the bat. For a little while now I have wanted to do the same thing, only more focused on moms or single parents, you know. Part of my big dream not only includes helping meet the basic needs of those who are having trouble doing so on their own, but also some kind of relationship building stuff. Obviously, I don't have everything in my head worked out enough. I also haven't spent much time trying to work out all the details either. Somewhere along the line I have been able to convince myself, 1)that I could never start anything like this, 2)even if I did start it, I wouldn't be able to continue it because it is just be too much, and 3)this is just another one of my wild dreams that will never happen, because I am a dreamer, and not a do-er. Anyways, like I said, I was so excited when I found that post. Who cares that there would have been no compensation? So I emailed Mr/Mrs. Anonymous, and still have not gotten any response. (Big ol' Sigh) Oh well. I guess its not really Craigslist's fault. Its nobody's fault, I may just be jumping the gun, who knows. This idea would have been great for the babies too, if it were real. Since Michael was born I have wanted to get more involved, I want us as a family to volunteer more. My dream for when the babies get older, even a couple years older, I want us to spend Christmas volunteering. I want my babies to know that Christmas isn't about us, and what we get or what anyone else gets under the tree. What is important is what we can do that is meaningful for someone else. Its not necessarily that us giving or doing is the important part. I don't know, apparently, I don't have that idea worked out completely either. I suppose the point is that I don't want my family to be so self-centered that they are pulled into our typically materialistic way of thinking, "what is there for me?" Not meaning to offend anyone. This is just something that I have had to work on with myself. I used to have a very, me me me attitude, and it was metaphorically beat out of me. Now that I have babies I have the opportunity to prevent that kind of way of thinking from manifesting in their little hearts. Anyways, something will come of this. Maybe, this is God's way of firing me up to get connected with people who could help me make this dream come true. Or, maybe, I will actually hear back from Mr/Mrs. Anonymous.

Wow, (phew), now that rant or whine session is over, I can get on with the fun stuff. Tonight I made fried rice and General Tso's Chicken. I tried to feed the fried rice to the babies. I was thinking, "This has protein-eggs, and vegetables-peas, this is a great dinner." Yeah, too bad they didn't feel the same way. Lately, they have been in an "I'm going to throw all of my food on the floor mood. well all that I can until mommy gets frustrated enough to move me away from the table." As long as I am sitting at the table with them they don't usually get it all on the floor. But still. GRRRR! I am not liking this phase at all. I think Meghan is just doing what she sees Michael do though. Anyhow, after their little rebellions I proceed to tell them that they aren't getting anything else to eat. I then give them another chance, if that fails then they really don't get anything for the rest of the night. I can't let them think that they can throw away the not as good tasting but better for you food, just so they can get fruit and yummy animal crackers. Anyhow, this was my first time making fried rice without a season packet, and me and my husband agreed that it was better without the packet. However, I did use a season packet for the chicken. Even though it was great, I still want to learn to make General Tso's without the packet. I've never read the ingredient list of those packets, but it can't be too terribly healthy, I suspect there is a lot of salt in them. Anyhow, I need to go and prepare myself for another day, who know's maybe the babies will give me a break and spare my dining room floor of whatever disgusting mess they can find to cover it in. Here's to wishing, right?

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insomnia said...

I think that's what we all want. Something different and better in the world. We are surrounded by negativity it seems. Keep looking, you'll find it.
Found you on voiceboks

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