Bye Bye Halloween. . .*Sigh*

So is anyone else happy that Halloween is over? Don't get me wrong, I love Halloween. October 31st with mobile children who you can dress up in cute little costumes paints an all new picture of Halloween for me. I am so used to "scary" costumes, Halloween parties, and haunted houses (like Scaremare). However, now it feels like I have really entered a new stage in life. I really appreciated walking door to door in our neighborhood with my monkey Michael and duck Meghan. By the way, I was successful in convincing my mother-in-law to get the costumes off Craigslist. They were sooo cute. It was wonderful, Meghan actually quacked as we strolled down the sidewalk. It was especially nice because my in-laws(Gee-Gee and Poppy), well, Gee-Gee got to share the first experience with trick-or-treating with the babies. Poppy wasn't feeling well, so he stayed back at our house to hand out candy to the fellow trick-or-treaters. Also, me and the babies were able to make pumpkin cookies before dinner on Monday. I have realize that I don't mind having an almost three year old in the kitchen with me as long as he doesn't touch anything without my explicit permission. For example, it was great having him count out the measurements of the ingredients, and I even let him stir the cookies a little after I had already finished. But, I started freaking out when he started trying to reach into the bowl to eat the batter, and grabbing the ingredients off the counter. Hmmm, I hope it gets easier as he gets older, I hope Michael really starts to pick up on the skill of listening. Anyhow, Halloween is a much more calm holiday to me now, and I like it. There is nothing more that I like to do on Halloween night than take the kids out for about an hour and finish the night by watching a not scary at all movie before going to bed. Oh yeah, after we finished trick-or-treating and while we were still handing out candy, a nice lady came to our door with a precious two year old bumble bee. Of course, Michael wanted to get in her face and become instant friends with her. Through a series of questions, I learned that she too stays home with the little bumble bee. More importantly, she lives in the house on the corner across from mine. What, I didn't know there were other stay at home moms this close(in proximity) to me. I can't wait to bake her something, and maybe start some kind of friendship. Because us stay at home moms need each other. At least, I need you (other SAHMs).
Anyways, I am glad Halloween is over because I like fall without all of the anxiety inducing pressure of dressing up and buying candy etc. I believe I like Thanksgiving better, and it is much closer to the Christmas season. And I love Christmas. Yesterday I got to trace Michael's and Meghan's hand once so I could use it as a template to make a hand turkey banner for Thanksgiving. I didn't finish it until late. Nonetheless, it is done. Their little imperfect hand turkeys(they wouldn't keep their hands still, and I didn't want to hurt them) are strung across the mantel of our fireplace.

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