Puddles in Autumn

I believe that consistency is not my strong point. Oh well. . . Anyways, we have been potty training, I think it has been about two weeks now, maybe. It is going well. Michael is so stubborn. He won't yet tell us when he needs to go, with the exception of a few poops. He will just stand up and announce poop, and I pretty much have to rush him to the potty. At first we were bribing/rewarding him with stickers. He doesn't need any help with encouragement for using the potty. I just want him to tell me when he has to go. Tonight, Josh asked Michael if he could hold "it" a little bit longer so he could get Meghan in bed before taking him upstairs. Michael proceeded to grab his ummm, little boy parts. Josh laughed and told him to stop holding it. Therefore, Michael let go, spread his legs and peed on the floor. I suspect Josh will think twice before telling Michael to stop holding it. Josh said it was a pretty big puddle.
A little over two weeks ago we celebrated Meghan's first birthday. Her actual birthday wasn't that big of a deal to me. However, October 9th was. October 9, 2010 was the day that we found out that Meghan had meningitis. That was the day that she was physically saved and given back to us. Along with the thankfulness that I feel for that, I also have a lot of fear. I know that God has given me the babies to care for. And I know that when He is ready He can take them back. Like I said, I "know" that, but it is much harder for me to understand it and be comfortable with it in my heart. I know that I didn't lose Meghan (or Michael), but I am afraid that I still can. I need to seek our God for peace for that. He will deal with my heart concerning that matter. I can't imagine how the fear of losing babies compares to the devastation of actually losing babies. However, I hope that it I have to experience I hope God will give me the strength to say, "Why not me?"
Anyhow, in celebration of the one year old Meghan we (the four of us a handfull of friends and the grandparents went to an apple orchard. I was a little disappointed that we couldn't walk through the orchard. But we did get to go on an actual hay ride, the seats were really made of hay bales. It was kind of cool that I got to share a first experience with Michael and Meghan. Meghan wore her homemade birthday tutu. By the way, tutus are rediculously easy to make. I want to make so many of them. Maybe if I can catch tulle on sale at JoAnn's. During the Hay ride Michael did not want to get off the wagon when we got to the pumkin area. He wanted to stay as close to the big tractor as possible. Everytime I almost got him to step off he would get distracted. However in the one minute before the tractor driver closed the wagon, Michael walked down the stairs and grabbed the pie pumpkin right beside the stairs and almost ran back to his seat. I wish I could tell you that Meghan had a good time too, but she didn't get her nap. So she struggled to sleep and screamed the whole time. But that was okay. We got a pie pumpkin and a peck of apples out of the deal. Just in case you are wondering, a peck of apples makes three apple pies six cupcake sized pies. And I think the pumpkin made a wonderful pumpkin-tomato soup. I kind of chickened out of the curry that I was planning on using and used more italian herbs instead. The next weekdend Josh has off we are definitely stopping at another orchard. And I want to get enough apples to try to can them in various ways. The peck we baught on Saturday was gone by Sunday evening. But we DID have delicious pies to show for it.
Oh yeah, one last thing. I am seizing my opportunity to write. Not that it was given to me, but I am taking it. I have started another blog. And I am using it to write a little bit of the book at a time. I have wanted to write since I was in middle school, volunteering in the library. And now I am. I am no longer playing around. Some of my work is online now. Please feel free to read it. If you do, let me know. I want every opinion, even if you are telling me that it is absolute garbage. For now it is called, "You Will Know Her By Her Hat."

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I'd love to read along! Where can I find your new blog?

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