Mommy Makeover?

I have a question. . . Do women really have a desire to get mommy makeovers?I suppose I should explain this not so new idea. The mommy makeover is breast augmentation with an abdominoplasty which is the medical term for tummy tuck. This takes care of our deflated boobs, and the extra skin and stretch marks left on our waists/hips from carrying all of those babies. Its wonderful that we have the technology available to us to erase the wear and tear on our bodies. And I understand it is essential to us women to feel attractive whether we are married (in any other sort of long term relationship) or still fishing for the next big catch. But are we willing to shell out the cash to have it professionally done? I mean there has to be a market for the SIMM (single incision mommy makeover), don't worry the acronym was originally coined by Dr. Danielpour and Dr. Layke.
I suppose having this sort of availability makes sense with our instant gratification seeking society. But, I am pleading all of you women. Wear your child bearing hips with pride. And men, appreciate them. Those stretch marks and deflated boobs should make you think of strength, and courage, perhaps even obedience. God created all of us. And He is ready to hold us in his arms and to tell us that we are His beautiful princesses. He doesn't care about stretch marks or excess skin.

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