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Here recently I have felt ashamedly overwhelmed by going out in public with two toddlers by myself. I know there are some moms out there who can balance five babies on one finger and their shopping cart full of groceries on the other. However, that is not me. . . Not yet at least. I'm sure my beautiful orchestrating skills will sprout up if the need ever arises. But in the mean time I struggle. I freak out because I cant go to bathroom when I'm standing in an isle that is a stores length away from the toilet. and I almost have an anxiety attack when I can't get a parking place right next to a cart return coral. Don't even ask what about what I do if there isn't a coral. My being pathetic is wonderfully funny. Anyhow, leaving the house is somewhat inevitable. There is no way that I can get everything that I need done while Josh is off work (which is a very short time, generally) and I don't have everyday help coming out of anything even resembling wood work. So in our adventures out and about Lynchburg I have found some amazing mommy friendly stores. My favorite is definitely Staples. They seem to have a small staff, but they are awesome. Today, I was willing to let both of the kids walk with me to the car. . . but I also had bags. So I stood near the door trying to plan my attack on the parking lot with the toddlers. Apparently, I took a long time trying to figure it out, because one of the associates came to my rescue. The sweet lady offered to either carry my two bags while I carried the children. Ultimately, she suggested I just take the cart to the car and she would come and get it so I didn't have to leave potentially screaming kids in the car with no mommy in sight. Awesome!!!
If there is anyone else who gets overwhelmed like me, first you should remember that you are not alone. And secondly, this tip is for me too, but don't be afraid to ask associates for help. For instance, if you have to go to the bathroom in Wal-mart, go to the CSM and ask if you can take merchandise-less cart (if you have two) into the bathroom with you. I have found that a lot of people will show some kind of compassion to a desperate mommy doing the pee-pee dance in front of them.

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