The Secret to Good Alfredo Sauce

Over the weekend my mother and father in law, in Charlottesville were very gracious to allow me and Josh to have a little date night. It was actually their idea, which was awesome. Rarely, do we get someone coming to us telling us to go out while they stay at home watching our beautiful monsters. Anyhow, as a kind of thank you I wanted to make them dinner. I made them chicken linguine alfredo with a homemade alfredo sauce. Instead of buying shredded parmesan cheese, like I usually do, I bought an eight ounce block of cheese. It was the best alfredo sauce I have ever made. It was so good that Josh asked me to make it for our family on Sunday night. Again, I tested the sauce with shaved fresh parmesan, and it was still phenomenal. I can't believe it. The secret to really good alfredo sauce is fresh parmesan, shaved at home in your kitchen. I have found that a vegetable peeler works wonderfully. I first shaved the entire block, and then dropped it into the hot heavy cream and maybe three or four tablespoons of butter(it will melt as you heat the cream). Then I just added garlic powder, salt and pepper.
Meanwhile, back to our date night. It was rather silly. I mean we had a good time enjoying each other's company. However, I felt like I was just wasting time. We went and ate dinner at Chipotle. Of course the dinning area was packed, so we decided to brave the out doors. Tehe. Really? it was only about 50 something degrees outside, but you know. . . I guess maybe people do crazy things just to enjoy a Chipotle burrito, or bowl in my case. Its ok, it was okay, I was kind of having fun imagining that I was in a newly hgtv'd house somewhere gorgeous staring at a mountain. . . at night. . . when I wouldn't really be able to see the mountain anyways. Who cares if my day dream wouldn't have really worked, it was better than realizing that I was freezing and staring at the busy 29 in Charlottesville. Meh, silly dreamer. Anyways, dinner was followed by Starbucks coffee, a trip to Michaels (pretty much just so we could use the escalators.) and we ended our evening at Harris Teeter to see if we could take advantage of any sale coupon match-ups. I wasn't terrible impressed by Harris Teeter. Although we did walk out of the store with seven bottles of salad dressing and several other things that I can't remember. We only spent $22 and saved $33, I guess that was pretty cool.
Anyhow, the babies were great for their Gi-gi and Poppy. They said that they had a blast. However, I'm sure that it will be a while before they volunteer to keep them again, haha.

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